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Ads are everywhere we go. We are literally drenched in ads all through the day.  The crazy part is that most of us do not even notice. The reason behind this is that ads are meant to touch are subconscious. So just because you did not think about the ad, does not mean that it did not work.
There are a lot of situations, were you will find yourself making choices based on ads. It’s something we take for granted but it happens everyday. Just think about it, who really funds tv stations and radio stations? It’s all about the advertisers. If there are popular shows on TV, the channel benefits from it because it has more advertisers at their door step begging to put in their commercial.

Just imagine a tv channel without any commercials. Everywhere I go I keep seeing ads for locksmith in coconut groove and about their special, here were some of the For me I would prefer this. However, it would be nearly impossible or would cost you the viewer a lot of money to watch it commercial-free. Also, think about when you wake up in the morning and head to work. About 50% of that drive is all about commercials.  I saw a great commercial for blinds the other day for online. You can see more of these discount blinds online like these vinyl window blinds and sliding panel blinds. You will see they sell a sun shade like these blackout curtains and remote control shades. Finally you get windowshades at great prices like these roman window treatments and bamboo curtain. Since on the radio you can not see the commercial, they usually use different tactics.

For one, the person might use different loud pitches to catch your attention. And the most popular thing for radio commercials is now stupid jingles. This seems to be the most effective. So next time you get into your car, realize that ads are everywhere!


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