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Mastering Services | Level 1 | Sonic Refiner

Price: 49 CAD

“Sonic Refiner” – Level 1 Mastering:

Are you ready to enhance the sonic quality of your music? Our “Sonic Refiner” Level 1 Mastering is the perfect starting point for musicians looking to refine their tracks. This level of mastering focuses on essential audio improvements to make your music sound its best.

What You Can Expect:

  • Precision Equalization: We meticulously fine-tune your music, ensuring it sounds exceptional across various playback systems.
  • Dynamic Enhancement: Utilizing compression, we emphasize the transients in your tracks, adding depth and clarity.
  • Optimized Dynamic Range: We adjust the dynamic range to strike a harmonious balance, making your music a pleasure to listen to.
  • Analog Saturation: We introduce rich saturation using high-end analog equipment, enhancing warmth and character.
  • Competitive Loudness: Your music will be brought to a competitive volume level suitable for any platform or genre.
  • Punchy and Clear Sound: We ensure your music retains its punch and clarity, just as it should.
  • Track Consistency: When working on your EP or album, we maintain consistency across all tracks for a seamless listening experience.
  • File Format Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose your preferred file format. WAV Included.
  • Prompt Communication and Delivery: Expect fast, personalized communication and timely delivery of your mastered tracks.
  • No Presets or Auto-Mastering: Rest assured, we don’t rely on presets or automated plugins. Each master is tailored to your music’s unique needs.

Delivery and Additional Services:

  • 48-Hour Delivery: Your mastered tracks will be delivered within 48 hours of receiving your files.
  • Standard Delivery Formats: We provide two standard delivery formats, such as Broadcast and Spotify, to ensure compatibility with various platforms.
  • up to 1-Hour Audiomovers Live Session: We include a 15 min Audiomovers Live Session with our team for real-time interaction and fine-tuning. Any extra Audiomovers Live Session hour can be arranged at an additional cost of 20 CAD / 15 min.
  • Metadata Embedding: We offer metadata embedding for an additional fee of 15 CAD to enhance your tracks’ information.

FRIENDLY REMINDER:  Mastering is Not Editing or Mixing

It’s important to note that mastering is distinct from editing and mixing. Mastering is the final step in the audio production process, where we enhance and optimize your finished mixes.

What We Need from You:

To make the most of our “Sonic Refiner” Level 1 Mastering, please provide us with:

  • High-Quality Files: Please provide us with high-quality audio files for the best results.
  • Avoid Clipping: Ensure that the provided tracks do not contain clipping, preserving audio quality throughout the mastering process.
  • Track Readiness: Kindly ensure that your track is ready for mastering, as this stage is not intended for editing or mixing.

With our Level 1 Mastering, you’ll take a significant step towards achieving professional-quality sound for your music. Let’s work together to make your music shine.

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