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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Empowering NGOs: Make a Difference with AdsOnDisplay

At AdsOnDisplay, we believe in the power of giving back to the community and supporting important causes. That’s why we are dedicated to partnering with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help amplify their messages and reach a broader audience through our dynamic digital signage.


What We Offer NGOs:

Visibility and Impact: Collaborating with AdsOnDisplay allows NGOs to showcase their initiatives, campaigns, and advocacies on our high-impact digital signage. Your messages will capture the attention of a diverse audience in community-centric locations, creating a stronger impact and raising awareness for your cause.

Cost-Effective Reach: We understand the importance of efficient resource allocation for NGOs. Our platform offers a cost-effective solution to reach a wide range of people in your target communities. By partnering with us, you can maximize your outreach without stretching your budget.

Tailored Advertising Solutions: We work closely with NGOs to understand their unique goals and communication needs. Our team will assist in crafting compelling visual content that effectively conveys your message and resonates with your audience.

The Process:

Evaluation: We begin by evaluating the NGO’s mission, goals, and desired outcomes. Understanding your message and target audience enables us to tailor the advertising approach and select suitable community-centric locations for maximum impact.

Onboarding Process: Our onboarding process is designed to be seamless and efficient. Once the NGO is approved as a partner, we collaborate on content creation and scheduling, ensuring your campaigns align with your timelines and objectives.

Delivery and Maintenance: With our reliable digital signage network, your campaigns will run smoothly and continuously, delivering your message to your target audience. We take care of technical maintenance, ensuring that your content is displayed as intended.

Contractual Obligations: As an NGO partner, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from our digital signage network at no cost. We offer a designated number of monthly ad slots to feature your campaigns and initiatives. Additionally, if you require more visibility, we can provide premium options tailored to your specific needs.

Join Us in Making an Impact:

At AdsOnDisplay, we are committed to empowering NGOs and their causes. Together, let’s create meaningful change and inspire communities through the power of digital advertising. Contact us today to explore how we can work together to drive positive social impact.

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Physical Display / Sample Area

At AdsOnDisplay, we take pride in offering unique advertising opportunities that go beyond traditional methods. As part of our commitment to enhancing customer experiences, we’ve introduced our exclusive Sample Area – a dynamic space that complements our cutting-edge digital signage.

What is the Sample Area?

The Sample Area is a specially designated table located in the vicinity of our captivating digital signage. It serves as a platform to showcase your advertised products in an engaging and interactive way. Imagine a fragrance company displaying their latest perfume, a skincare brand featuring their luxurious creams, or a tech brand unveiling their innovative gadgets – all right under our digital signage, where your ad captures the attention of a captivated audience.

How Does it Work?

When you choose AdsOnDisplay for your advertising needs, you gain the opportunity to feature your products on our Sample Area. This premium service allows customers to experience and interact with your advertised products firsthand, creating a powerful and immersive brand experience.

Unlock the Power of Interaction:

The Sample Area enables your brand to connect with potential customers in a meaningful way. Let your products speak for themselves as customers have the chance to touch, smell, and experience your offerings up close. This direct engagement fosters a deeper connection and can significantly impact purchase decisions.

Advantages of the Sample Area:

Amplify Brand Visibility: Enhance the impact of your digital signage ad by complementing it with real product demonstrations. The Sample Area captures attention and increases brand recall.

Customer-Centric Experience: Let customers explore your products at their own pace, creating positive associations with your brand.

Boost Conversion Rates: Engaging customers with product samples can lead to increased interest and higher conversion rates.

Discover the Possibilities:

Explore the endless possibilities of the Sample Area and elevate your advertising strategy with AdsOnDisplay. Get in touch with our team to learn more about this exclusive premium service and how it can take your brand to new heights.

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NEW SERVICE – Gamified Landing Pages

Engage and Convert with Gamified Landing Pages: Enhance Your Advertisements with Interactive Experiences

Welcome to AdsOnDisplay’s Gamified Landing Pages, an innovative and captivating extension to your digital signage advertisements. With our Gamified Landing Pages service, we take your advertising efforts to new heights by incorporating interactive challenges and exclusive deals that drive engagement and boost conversions.

What are Gamified Landing Pages?

Gamified Landing Pages are immersive webpages designed to complement your dynamic digital signage advertisements. We create a seamless transition from your ad on the digital signage to an interactive landing page, where your audience can participate in fun challenges or access exclusive offers related to your product or service.

Why Choose Gamified Landing Pages?

Enhanced Engagement: Gamification captivates your audience and encourages active participation. By adding interactive elements to your landing page, you can keep users hooked and create a memorable brand experience.

Increased Conversions: Engaging challenges and exclusive deals act as powerful incentives for visitors to take action. Gamified Landing Pages can drive more conversions, leading to increased sales and ROI for your advertising efforts.

Data Collection and Insights: Our Gamified Landing Pages allow you to collect valuable data on user behavior and preferences. This data provides insights into your audience’s interests, helping you refine your marketing strategies for better results.


gamification in action

How It Works:

Seamless Integration: When you book a time slot on our digital signage, you have the option to add our Gamified Landing Pages service. We create a customized landing page that aligns with your ad’s message and branding.

Interactive Challenges: We design captivating challenges related to your product or service. Users can participate and compete for rewards, fostering a sense of excitement and friendly competition.

Exclusive Offers: Offer special discounts or deals exclusively on the landing page to incentivize visitors to make a purchase or take a desired action.

Clear Calls-to-Action: Our landing pages are optimized with clear and compelling calls-to-action, guiding visitors towards the desired goal, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form.


Unleash the Power of Gamification:

With AdsOnDisplay’s Gamified Landing Pages, you have the opportunity to engage your audience like never before. Elevate your advertising campaigns and see the impact of interactive experiences on your brand’s success.

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