Online Mixing and Mastering Services For the Music Industry

At, we’re passionate about helping recording artists, bands, producers, and record labels in the music industry take their music to the next level. Our online mixing and mastering services are tailored to the unique needs of the music industry, offering exceptional audio quality and remote collaboration. Whether you’re a solo artist, a band, a producer, or part of a record label, our team of experienced engineers is here to bring your music to life, no matter where you are in the world.


Service and Pricing Designed for the Music Industry

Our service and pricing structure is exclusively designed for professionals in the music industry. We understand the specific requirements and nuances of music production, and our services are geared towards meeting those needs effectively.

Please note that if you require similar services for other industries such as advertising, digital marketing, film, e-learning, or any other field, we offer a separate integration and execution process with different pricing structures to align with the unique demands of those industries.


IMPORTANT! Service Limitations

Our online mixing and mastering services for recording artists are available for audio material less than 5 minutes long per unit. Audio Materials as Units longer than 5 minutes will be evaluated and quoted individually based on the specific case scenario.


The Power of Online Mixing | Collaborate from Anywhere

Our online mixing service breaks down geographical barriers. With our integration with Listento Audiomovers (, you have the full capability to participate in the online session in real-time. Regardless of your location, you can actively engage with our engineers, discuss your vision, and provide immediate feedback. It’s like being in the studio, even when you’re continents away, bridging the gap across the globe.


Personalized Mixing Expertise

When you choose for your online mixing needs, you gain access to a team of mixing engineers who are as dedicated to your music as you are. We take the time to understand your unique style, preferences, and objectives. Every mix we create is tailored to your vision, ensuring that your music retains its authenticity and emotional impact.


Multi-Genre Proficiency

Our team’s expertise spans across various genres, from electronic and hip-hop to pop and rock. We have the knowledge and experience to bring out the best in your music, regardless of the style. Whether you want your music to sound punchy and energetic or smooth and ethereal, our online mixing and mastering services for recording artists can make it happen.


Analog and Digital Integration stands at the forefront of the audio industry by offering a unique Hybrid – Analog and Digital mixing and mastering system. This integration combines the best of both worlds. While digital technology provides precision and flexibility, analog equipment adds warmth, character, and depth to your music. Our hybrid approach ensures that your music retains the richness and authenticity that only analog equipment can deliver.

Mixing And Mastering Services in Calgary

The Artistry of Online Mastering | Polishing Your Sound

Mastering is the final, crucial step in refining your music for its intended delivery platform. Our online mastering service for recording artists is geared towards enhancing the overall sonic quality and ensuring consistency across all tracks. We carefully balance frequencies, optimize dynamics, loudness, and fine-tune the stereo image to make your music sound its absolute best, whether it’s destined for streaming, radio, or any other platform.


Collaboration in Real-Time

Just like with our mixing service for recording artists, our online mastering process is collaborative and interactive. With Listento Audiomovers (, you can be an active participant in the mastering session, providing feedback, and making real-time decisions about the final sound of your tracks. Your music remains in your control, even in the mastering phase.


Digital Delivery

Once the mastering process is complete, we provide you with high-quality digital files that are ready for distribution. Whether you’re planning to release your music online, on radio, or on CD, our online mastering services ensure that your tracks meet industry standards and sound incredible on any platform.

online mixing and mastering

The Online Mixing and Mastering Advantage | Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our online mixing and mastering services for recording artists offer unparalleled convenience. You can upload your tracks, communicate with our engineers, and review the progress of your project from the comfort of your home, mobile device or studio. This flexibility allows you to focus on what matters most: your music.


Secure and Efficient

Rest assured that your music files are handled securely and professionally. Our online platform is designed to protect your intellectual property, and our engineers adhere to strict confidentiality standards. The collaboration process is streamlined, saving you time, and ensuring efficient project management.


Your Music, Your Way

Experience the transformative power of our online mixing and mastering services for recording artists. No matter where you are in the world, is here to help you achieve the best possible sound for your music. Our integration with Listento Audiomovers ( ensures that you have full control and participation in the process.

Let’s take your music to new heights together.

Vocal Production Tips

Preliminary Discussion and Project Conforming

Our journey begins with a preliminary discussion where we connect with you to define the project’s specifications, timelines, and pricing. During this conversation, we provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to conform and deliver your project for mixing and/or mastering. We believe that understanding your needs from the outset is essential for achieving the best results.

If you prefer, we offer a service where we can perform the project conforming [What is CONFORMING?] for you for a flat fee of 80 CAD. Our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible, giving you the freedom to focus on your music.


Crafting Your Music

Once the project specs are in place and agreed upon, and the project has passed the approval process regarding the Conforming State of the Project, our team at gets to work. We meticulously mix and/or master your track(s), applying our expertise to enhance your music’s quality and impact.


Interactive Audiomovers Sessions

When we’ve reached a pivotal point in the process, it’s time for our collaborative Audiomovers Session. At this stage, we present the first Client Version of the Mix or Master for you to listen to and evaluate. This is where you and our team come together to fine-tune every aspect of your music during a 4-hour Audiomovers Live Session for each contracted song(unit).

 Our Audiomovers Sessions are designed for real-time interaction, lasting up to 4 consecutive hours per song. This collaborative approach ensures that we work together efficiently and effectively, helping you achieve the desired sound for your project. In most cases, this timeframe is more than sufficient to reach the project’s final finish line.

Should you require additional hours beyond the initial 4-hour session, they can be booked and allocated inside the Audiomovers ( Environment with our staff as Extra Hours. Extra hours are billed at a rate of 80 CAD per hour, ensuring extended flexibility in tailoring the project to your exact specifications.


Financial Terms

In terms of financial arrangements, we request 50% of the total project cost in advance as a non-refundable amount. This upfront payment secures your project in our schedule and allows us to commit our resources to your music. The remaining 50% is due prior to delivering the final material to you, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the work before finalizing the project.


Explore Our Diverse Service Packages

At, we understand that each project is unique, and your music deserves the right package to suit your needs. We offer a variety of service packages to cater to different requirements and budgets. To find the perfect fit for your project, we encourage you to explore our detailed service packages listed below.

Whether you’re looking for basic Digital Mixing and Mastering or a comprehensive Hybrid Package with additional features, we have options that can elevate your music to its fullest potential. Dive into the details of each package to discover the one that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Your Music Deserves the Best

At, we’re not just about delivering great audio; we’re about creating a seamless, collaborative experience that brings your music to life. Contact us today to discuss your project, get a quote, and start the journey toward audio excellence. Your music deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver it.




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