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At AdsOnDisplay.com, our vision is to transform the advertising landscape through dynamic digital signage, captivating audiences where they spend their waiting moments. We aim to be the leading provider of innovative advertising solutions, fostering impactful partnerships with local businesses and organizations.


Our mission is to empower location owners, advertisers, NGOs, and government entities by offering a dynamic advertising platform that enhances customer experiences and boosts revenue. We strive to deliver data-driven insights, unparalleled targeting capabilities, and seamless scalability to achieve mutual success.


Our strategy is to create win-win partnerships with location owners, deploying captivating digital displays in community-centric venues. By strategically placing our displays in high-traffic locations like dental offices, family doctors' offices, vet offices, and more, we maximize brand visibility and audience engagement.


  • Establish AdsOnDisplay.com as a pioneering force in the dynamic digital signage industry within our community.
  • Forge long-lasting partnerships with location owners, advertisers, NGOs, and government entities.
  • Provide our partners with access to cutting-edge advertising technology and data-driven insights for optimized campaigns.
  • Achieve significant revenue growth through successful partnerships and expanding our network of dynamic digital displays.


AdsOnDisplay.com presents unique opportunities for partners to:

  • Enhance brand visibility and engage with a targeted local audience in community-centric venues.
  • Showcase their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.
  • Maximize revenue streams by joining the dynamic digital advertising revolution.
  • Collaborate closely with us to shape the future of advertising in our community.


Together, with AdsOnDisplay.com, we'll revolutionize advertising and captivate audiences with the power of dynamic digital signage.

Join us today to unlock a world of endless possibilities and success!


Introduction: Revolutionazing Advertising

As an innovative marketing, advertising and media production platform, AdsOnDisplay.com is thrilled to introduce you to our innovative platform featuring dynamic digital signage. In today’s rapidly evolving advertising landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. While Google ads and Facebook ads remain valuable tools, our platform offers a unique approach that complements and elevates your marketing strategy. Unlike traditional online ads, our dynamic digital signage captivates and engages your audience in real-world locations where they experience idle moments (e.g. while waiting in line). With targeted exposure to a captive audience, your brand gains prime visibility, reinforcing your message and boosting brand recall. Embrace the future of advertising with our tech-forward image, setting you apart from competitors. Partnering with us means reaching new heights in customer experience, brand awareness, and cost-effectiveness.

Let us guide your business towards success, combining the best of both digital and physical worlds..


Elevate Your Customer Experience with Dynamic Digital Signage

At AdsOnDisplay, we’ve harnessed the power of dynamic digital signage to revolutionize advertising for businesses like yours. Our innovative approach not only benefits location owners but also opens up a world of opportunities for 3rd party advertisers seeking an impactful platform to engage their audience. Allow us to showcase the diverse advantages that our dynamic digital signage offers to all parties involved.

Category: Enhanced Customer Experience

Engaged Waiting Audience: Create Memorable Moments

With dynamic digital signage, your customers’ waiting time becomes an opportunity to captivate and entertain them. Engaged customers are more likely to have a positive perception of your business. As a location owner, this enhanced waiting experience strengthens your relationship with customers, while 3rd party advertisers gain a captivated audience eager to explore their offerings.

Interactive Engagement: Immersive Brand Experience

Our interactive sample display area allows your customers to physically interact with your products, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience. As a location owner, you can provide an immersive brand experience, making your visitors feel more connected to your business. For 3rd party advertisers, this hands-on interaction fosters a deeper connection with potential customers.

Customer Education: Empower and Inform

Use the digital displays to educate your customers about your services, products, and special offers, leading to informed decisions and increased satisfaction. As a location owner, this education empowers your customers to make informed choices, boosting their confidence in your offerings. For 3rd party advertisers, it’s an opportunity to showcase the unique features and benefits of their products or services.

Category: Increased Brand Visibility and Awareness

Prime Advertising Space: Exposure that Matters

By hosting the digital signage, your business gains prominent exposure and visibility to a captive audience daily, further enhancing your brand’s presence. As a location owner, your business enjoys prime advertising space, putting you in the spotlight and maximizing your brand visibility. For 3rd party advertisers, this prime space ensures their brand message reaches the right audience, boosting their brand recognition.

Community-Centric Branding: Embrace Local Connections

Aligning your business with a community-centric advertising platform reinforces your brand’s commitment to the local community, building trust and loyalty. As a location owner, your customers appreciate your dedication to the community. For 3rd party advertisers, this association with a community-centric platform enhances their brand image and fosters a positive perception among potential customers.

Brand Recall: Stay Top-of-Mind

Regular exposure to your brand message on the digital signage increases brand recall, making your business the go-to choice when customers need your services. As a location owner, your brand remains at the forefront of customers’ minds, driving repeat business. For 3rd party advertisers, this consistent visibility leaves a lasting impact, turning potential customers into loyal patrons.


Environmental Impact: Digital Advertising for a Greener Future

In addition to the benefits of visibility and community connections, our digital advertising approach also champions sustainability. By opting for digital over traditional paper-based advertising, we collectively contribute to saving trees and reducing paper waste. This environmentally conscious choice aligns with modern values and positions your business as a responsible contributor to a greener future.

Category: Business Growth and Sales Impact

Expanded Reach: Connect with New Audiences

The dynamic digital signage attracts new customers who may not be familiar with your business, expanding your reach beyond your existing customer base. As a location owner, you can tap into new markets and attract a diverse audience. For 3rd party advertisers, this extended reach means reaching potential customers who align with their target demographics.

Increased Foot Traffic: Turn Browsers into Buyers

Engaging content on the digital displays can entice passersby to enter your location, boosting foot traffic and potential sales. As a location owner, the dynamic signage becomes a powerful tool to drive customers through your door. For 3rd party advertisers, this enticing content encourages potential customers to visit their stores or websites, converting browsers into buyers.

Improved Conversions: Influence Purchase Decisions

Our captivating digital displays showcase your offerings in an appealing way, encouraging impulse purchases and conversions. As a location owner, you can leverage this persuasive medium to drive immediate sales. For 3rd party advertisers, the dynamic signage prompts potential customers to make informed decisions, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Category: Cost-Effective and Long-Term Partnership

Affordable Advertising: Reach New Heights

Hosting the dynamic digital signage comes at no cost to your business, providing a powerful advertising platform without the financial burden. As a location owner, you can access premium advertising space at an affordable cost. For 3rd party advertisers, it opens doors to impactful advertising at a fraction of traditional costs.

Continuous Exposure: Sustained Impact

The 36-month partnership guarantees consistent and ongoing exposure to a targeted local audience, reinforcing your brand message over time. As a location owner, your brand enjoys sustained visibility, leaving a lasting impact on your customers. For 3rd party advertisers, it ensures continuous exposure to their target market, maximizing their return on investment.

Revenue Share Opportunity: Unleash Added Value

By partnering with us and committing to our minimum 36-month contractual agreement, you unlock a progressive revenue share opportunity. As an incentive for your extended partnership, we offer a structured revenue sharing plan that rewards your commitment and aligns with the longevity of our collaboration.

Upon signing our 36-month contract, you become eligible to receive a share of the revenue generated from the digital signage. This revenue sharing opportunity is designed to grow gradually over time, reflecting the mutual benefits of our partnership.

Starting from the first year of your partnership, you’ll receive 1% of the saved revenue generated from the digital signage. With each passing year, your revenue share increases incrementally, as follows: Year 1 = 1%, Year 2 = 2%, Year 3 = 3%, Year 4 = 4%, Year 5 = 5%, Year 6 = 6%, Year 7 = 7%, Year 8 = 8%, Year 9 = 9%.

    If your partnership continues beyond the 9th year, your revenue share will be capped at 10%. Please note that the progression is maintained only if the partnership is renewed every 36 months. If an account is cancelled and subsequently reopened, the progression will reset to 1%.

    This structured approach ensures that your revenue share grows in alignment with the duration of our partnership while maintaining fairness and sustainability. It also reflects our commitment to mutually beneficial success, encouraging both of us to continue to thrive together.

    We value your dedication and trust in our partnership, and we look forward to a prosperous journey ahead.

    Category: Innovative and Futuristic Image

    Tech-Forward Image: Embrace Modern Advancements

    Embrace the latest technological advancements and demonstrate your business as forward-thinking and technologically advanced. As a location owner, adopting cutting-edge dynamic digital signage showcases your commitment to progress. For 3rd party advertisers, this association with innovative advertising mediums elevates their brand perception.

    Differentiation: Stand Out from the Crowd

    Be a pioneer in your community by being one of the first to adopt cutting-edge dynamic digital signage, positioning yourself as an industry leader. As a location owner, this differentiation sets you apart from competitors. For 3rd party advertisers, it distinguishes them from their competition, driving brand recognition and loyalty.

    Modern Appeal: Elevate Aesthetics

    Our sleek and modern digital displays enhance your business’s overall aesthetics and ambiance, creating a contemporary environment that resonates with your customers. As a location owner, this modern appeal enhances your brand image. For 3rd party advertisers, it projects a sophisticated image that captivates their audience.

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